Genome-wide characterization of MADS-box genes in wheat

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Susanne Schilling
University College Dublin

Alice Kennedy
University College Dublin

Rainer Melzer*
University College Dublin

*Presenting Author

MADS-box genes encode transcription factors with prominent roles in plant development. They constitute key regulators of flowering time, floral organ identity, seed and fruit development. MADS-box genes have also been the target of domestication processes in numerous plant species. Understanding the function and evolution of MADS-box genes in crops is therefore of considerable interest for future crop improvement programs. Here, we present a genome-wide analysis of the MIKC-type MADS-box gene family from wheat. We identified more than 150 MIKC-type MADS-box genes, considerably more than in other monocots, partly due to the hexaploid nature of wheat. Phylogenetic analyses indicate that representatives from 16 distinct MIKC subfamilies were identified. Our data further suggest that some MADS-box gene subfamilies expanded considerably in wheat whereas others have relatively few members as compared to other moncots. Using in silico analyses we deduced a relatively strong conservation of expression pattern within each subfamily, indicating functional similarity among closely related homologs. We will use the identified MADS-box genes to screen for sequence variation among different wheat lines. This will provide a starting point to reveal how allelic variation in MADS-box genes may affect agronomically important traits in wheat.